Onboarding Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Are you looking to move your software products to the Cloud? Worried about re-engineering time? No budget to hire cloud-savvy developers? Or just don’t know where to start?

Candela accelerates your business to make new revenue from your existing applications, by packaging cloud-hosted software appliances. With a secure, self-service onboarding process, your customers can start using your software in the Cloud today. Maintain your brand with your published applications, and engage with your customers through integrated support and CRM options.


No long sales cycles or long contract commitments. Candela enables your customers to subscribe to your published applications on a weekly, monthly or longer basis. Billing happens automatically, based on their usage, and you get to set your own prices.

Candela handles the heavy-lifting of moving your products to the Cloud, and you get to benefit from recurring revenue streams. Deploy your applications to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services today, and new IaaS providers being added regularly.

Move to the Cloud at your own speed — start by cloud hosting your current applications, and generating recurring revenue streams. When ready, continue your cloud migration by building application containers around key technologies within your products, and developing your own cloud-scale APIs.

Candela has solutions to help you at each step in your migration. Mix and match between Candela’s APIs, third-party APIs, or your own APIs to find the best solution for your products.

Build Recurring Revenue Streams

Modernize your existing on-premise software applications. Bring your SaaS business online in days — not months — with Candela application packaging. Offer your customers self-service onboarding and provisioning, so they can start using your applications immediately. Your customers get secure, authenticated access to your applications, and can manage their costs by usage-based billing.

No Cloud Experience, No Problem

When migrating your software applications to the Cloud, Candela helps you avoid the “development tax”. Whether it is a lack of cloud expertise, a lack of time to devote to the migration, or a fear of re-engineering, we can help make the process easier. Compared to DIY solutions, you can use Candela platform services (identity management, application packaging, flexible pricing, multi-cloud storage and hosting, direct user billing) to save time and money.

Get to Market Faster

Time is money, and Candela can accelerate your time to market with easy to use tools for migrating your applications to a SaaS model. Use our Web-based portal for configuring and publishing your applications. You are in control of your revenue streams, by pricing your application based on value to your customers. Offer multiple pricing tier options, based on performance and capacity, across multiple cloud hosts.


  • Create New Revenue Streams

    Recurring, metered billing integrated

  • Make Your Own Marketplace

    White-labeled application Web portals

  • Self-service Customer Onboarding

    Frictionless provisioning of applications

  • Flexible Pricing Models

    Let your customers pick by price/performance

  • Application Packaging

    Easy templated deployments

  • Multi-cloud Storage and Hosting

    Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (and more to come)

  • Full Visibility

    Track your revenue and customers’ usage

  • Grow as You Learn

    Cloud hosted, cloud enabled, cloud native

  • Don’t DIY

    Save money without needing to re-engineer, or add staff

  • Designed for Customer Success

    Integrate with support, CRM, and your back-office apps

  • Bring Your Own Technology

    VMs, Containers, CLI, API

  • Developer Friendly

    Integrate with other services via Webhooks

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