Company Information

Cloud business acceleration

Candela was founded to help software vendors build their SaaS businesses, and make new revenue from their existing applications, by building virtualized software appliances.  Candela aims to ease vendor’s friction when building new SaaS applications, based on their current technologies.


When thinking about ideas for his next venture, Candela Founder, Kirk Marple was researching the migration from on-premise to cloud-native software appliances.  Kirk realized there were a set of platform services that every software vendor would need to build, when migrating to SaaS applications: identity management, multi-cloud storage and resource management, and usage-based user billing.  In addition, to create a best-of-breed SaaS business, having integrations with other cloud services, such as customer support, CRM and logging, will be important for every software vendor.

From this research, came the concept for Candela’s first product, the Onboarding Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), which launches in Q1 2016.  With a long background in distributed and parallel computing, HPC, and media processing workflows, Candela will continue to build on this foundation and offer additional platform services for vertical market solutions.


Candela has an experienced team, with successful history in startups, independent software vendors, and large software vendors.  We have decades of experience building successful desktop, enterprise and mobile applications.   Candela was founded in 2015.